ADI Part 1 Training - Theory

So, you’ve decided to be a driving instructor, and you’re now on the long journey to becoming a fully qualified ADI. Well done. You’ve taken the first steps on a voyage of self discovery.
Part 1 ADI training course is a mixture of classroom and home study. The ADI. Part 1 is a test of your theory Knowledge, comprising of the ADI theory test and hazard perception test. Both parts of this test are taken on the same day and you must pass both parts to progress onto the ADI part 2 advanced driving test.

The ADI theory test is computer based. You will be asked 100 multiple choice questions about the theoretical aspects of driving and driver training. The questions of the test follow a similar format to the learner drivers theory test but on an advanced level covering such things as driving practices, teaching techniques and the principles involved. The questions are lined up into four sections and you must score 80% in each section while also achieving an overall pass mark of 85% to pass the test. In the Hazard perception part of the test you must attain a pass mark of no less than 57 out of a possible 75 to pass.

Multiple-choice questions

This is a test of your knowledge of the Highway Code the rules of the road and your knowledge of instructional techniques. You select your answers by simply touching a computer screen. The system has been carefully designed to make sure it is easy to use. The test is also available in Welsh. The test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions on subjects including:

  • Road procedure
  • Traffic signals and signals car control
  • Pedestrians
  • Basic mechanical knowledge
  • Driving Test
  • Disabilities
  • Law Publications instructional techniques.

All subjects are arranged into four ‘bands’, with each band requiring Pass-mark of 80%. Pass-mark of 80%. The overall pass mark for the question paper is 85% and you are given 90 Minutes to complete the question paper, which is usually more time than most candidates need!

Hazard perception

After a break of up to three minutes, the hazard perception part will start; this is designed to test your ability to identify hazards, which arise whilst you are driving. You will be shown a tutorial video first. This using simple footage with a sound track (headphones supplied), which will explain how to complete this part of the test. You may have as many attempts at this test as you need in order to pass.

Free Theory Test Pro Access

theory-test-pro-blogTC Instructor Training offer free access to Theory Test Pro to enable you to study at home for the Part 1

We can see from our own computer if you are having any problems and offer guidance.
Part 1 Training is Free.