Testmonials from the last 2 years.

Testmonials from the last 2 years.

Testmonials from the last 2 years.

written by Tony
By Tony on Dec 30, 2013


Hi Tony, sent you a friends request on facebook. I hope that’s not being too forward. I’m a PDI in Glasgow, finding your videos on youtube really helpful. Hopefully pass on my 2nd attempt in December. Haven’t got the training I should have for what I paid for judging by your videos. Thanks as they are guiding me in the right direction now. CarolSee more


  • Tony Curran


    Hi Tony, sent you a friends request on facebook. I hope that’s not being too forward. I’m a PDI in Glasgow, finding your videos on youtube really helpful. Hopefully pass on my 2nd attempt in December. Haven’t got the training I should have for what I paid for judging by your videos. Thanks as they are guiding me in the right direction now.


Hi Tony, sent you a friends request on facebook. I hope that’s not being too forward. I’m a PDI in Glasgow, finding your videos on youtube really helpful. Hopefully pass on my 2nd attempt in December. Haven’t got the training I should have for what I paid for judging by your videos. Thanks as they are guiding me in the right direction now. CarolSee more


  • Tony Curran


    Hi Tony, sent you a friends request on facebook. I hope that’s not being too forward. I’m a PDI in Glasgow, finding your videos on youtube really helpful. Hopefully pass on my 2nd attempt in December. Haven’t got the training I should have for what I paid for judging by your videos. Thanks as they are guiding me in the right direction now.

    CarolHi Tony, thanks for uploading all the videos on youtube, I passed today with a 4 4 .. pass is a pass, but yours, Geds, and Blaines all helped me along so thank you very much.



“Carol who passed today.”

Tue, 2013-12-17

Hi Tony, thanks for uploading all the videos on youtube, I passed today with a 4 4 .. pass is a pass, but yours, Geds, and Blaines all helped me along so thank you very much.


“Carol passed part 3 today.”

Tue, 2013-12-17


I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for helping me get through the adi part 3. You believed in me more then myself . Anyone reading this testimonial i got through part 3 first attempt just because of tony his way of teaching is so easy to learn aswell as a trainer he is a very nice friend im glad i met you tony.x any one who wants to qualify as a Adi tony is the person to help you. Looking forward to train with you for my first check test and ordit.




“Sayada passed part 3 today.”

Tue, 2013-12-10


hi Tony


Just wanted to say thanks so much for your help, I got a 5 on my check test which was an improvement on the previous 4 two and a half years ago. The 2 hours training was really helpful, even tho in the end I took a different pupil and a different topic, the element of being more pro-active that we worked on has helped in my lessons as well, pupils are telling me they feel we are achieving more on a lesson. So thanks a million!




“Aliza passed her check test.”

Thu, 2013-11-14

Nice testimonial fro Ali who passed his part 3 yesterday.
Passed my test today and couldn’t be happier! After failed attempts with other instructors, I was recommended to Tony Curran and was told about his brilliant teaching techniques and haven’t looked back since. At first I found it difficult to adapt to new methods being taught but with Tonys encouragement I got more confident in my own abilities. It wouldn’t have been possible without Tonys support and expertise and I am overjoyed at achieving my dream of becoming an ADI. If you’re looking to become an ADI, Tony is your man!


Wed, 2013-10-30

Maz Sam

After a long frustrating ride with the ADI course i managed to pass a few days ago..I trained with Tony Curran after watching his videos and finding them very helpful..With no previous direction to how to get the concept of the test after meeting Tony i finally grasped it..Not just a brilliant trainer but a very beautiful soul indeed..We had our fair share of laughs which will be truely missed..Thanking you for all your help and support throughout these past few months Tony from the bottom of my heart..xxx

“Maz passed all 3 parts in 3 months.”

Thu, 2013-10-10

Ifet Hussainposted toTony Curran

about an hour ago via Mobile ·

  • Jus want to say a big thankyou to Tony Curran today, it has been a pleasure working with you and i cant stress enough that i could not have done this without you, it was very sweet when i realised that you were just as nervous as me it made me feel better lol, i mean i was a bit concerned when u started knocking back the old pills but for the record we will say they were vitamin tablets and i know ive been a nightmare over the last couple of weeks, so i guess what im tryna say is thankyou for having more faith in me than i had in myself im glad i met you x x x
“Testimonial from Ifet.”

Fri, 2013-08-16

well done Richard on passing your check test last week.

“Richard Check Test.”

Sun, 2013-08-04


just want to share that i have passed my part 3 on 15/7/13. pst 10 and got 4/5.

Thanks to everybody who read my post,, advised, helped and encouraged me. A huge thanks to Tony Curran, with out watching his videos it won’t be happen.

thanks again


“Ishrat Passed Part 3.”

Fri, 2013-07-19


Hey Shins, here’s a testimonial for your site to say thank you for the help with my RoSPA:
I’d often thought about taking the RoSPA test and so I talked to Tony about it. He gave me confidence and encouragement to apply for it. He then gave me the training and skills I needed to take the test. I took the test yesterday and achieved a RoSPA Gold! I am thrilled, and so grateful to Tony for the support and advice and excellent teaching! Thank you so much 🙂 🙂


Debs x




“Testimonial, from Debbie Brewer.”

Fri, 2013-07-19

What can I say about Tony Curran that people before me, and I’m in no doubt many more after me can say. 
Tony is the best in what he does. He’s teaching methods are second to none. He adapts he’s teaching methods to the pupil, and to there needs. He brings the best out of his pupil, and ready to test standard in record time. But above all with the confidants that you can pass. 
But he doesn’t leave it there. Even when you pass his there to give you advise and help when ever needed. That’s why Tony isn’t just the best at what he does, he is The Best of the Best. 
So Tony coming across your name and learning with you was one of my best life choices I have made. 
Not only did I gain an ADI Driving Instructors Licence, an Adviser and a Mentor. Best of all I’ve gained a good friend. 
And for that my Family and I are grateful to you. 
Forever in dept 
Nico Adamou
Driver Training

“from Nico who passed 2 weeks ago.”

Tue, 2013-06-18

Just want to share a few words.. Although it may follow into an essay!
It seems as though these recent months have flown past me like the wind passing my face…From the time I initially decided to seek the journey to become a driving instructor, it was very difficult to find a good trainer.. Eventually I met Tony Curran and immediately decided that he was the one.. I have enjoyed every lesson tony has taught me ..and yes.. We have had great laughs and tears ( only tonys’ tears!) throughout training but I would never look back to ever change or regret that I had the pleasure of learning from the best… I truly state that from my heart.. Although I did this to become a driving Instrutor .. I found a truly amazing person who now has become my best friend ( yes u got that right.. I’m his best friend) and I wish him all the very best in his life and profession. Tony… a journey that I wil never fail to ever forget . With your help I have a new road ahead .. A journey.. Full of surprises awaiting me… Thank u my hero.. Love u always.. Saira 🙂
Ps: it’s now become an English assignment! X so sorry..

“from Saira Bono.”

Thu, 2013-06-13

Andy Clement Wow thats an unbeatable testimonial. Tony Curran you change peoples lives for the better and lots of us thank you for this. Bano Saira youll be a superb ADI with your personality and skill. Im proud to know and regard you both a friends.

“Andy Clement on Saira Bano.”

Thu, 2013-06-13


Tony, Just wanted to thank you with my deepest gratitude.


Coming to you with just a couple of weeks to my part 3 test I had no idea how I would of got through.


I learnt more in that 3 lessons I had with you than I did all of last year with my previous trainer whom I spent thousands.


I can not thank you enough for your confidence in me and pushing to get the best out of me, I can now proudly call my self a ADI.


You’ve made a friend for life,


Thank you once again,




You’re friend Khal


“Khal who passed on thursday23/5/2013.”

Sat, 2013-05-25

I took some additional training with Tony after failing my first part 3 with another trainer. After training with Tony

there was no comparison….he makes everything simple and easy to remember and inspires you with confidence and belief

in yourself.. For anyone thinking of becoming and ADI I can’t recommend Tony highly enough, he is an absolutely brilliant trainer

who not only gets you through your test but moulds you into a very good instructor with all the tools you will need for the job, and to top

it all, I have made a great friend…….Thanks Tony..!


Allison Cook ADI…..Passed May 8th 2013



Tue, 2013-05-14

Having recently completed my Part 2 and 3 training with TC Instructor
Training I would fully endorse and recommend Tony for any PDI/ADI who wishes
to develop their instructional skills. From the outset Tony fully
accommodated my training needs, he delivered good lessons aimed at fault
identification and problem solving which were of excellent quality. The in
car training was relaxed but informative and Tony had the ability to adapt
his teaching style to my individual requirement. He is very patient and has a
wealth of knowledge when it comes to knowing what the examiners are looking
for. The days we spent together were demanding but really enjoyable with more
than a few laughs along the way.  Because of Tony I passed the part 2 and 3
tests first time and can’t thank him enough.
“Michael Testimonial.”

Tue, 2013-04-16

Hi Shin’s (the name’s gonna stick!)

Here’s a testimonial for your website. Every word is genuine! x


I’ve always wanted to be a driving instructor, and now my kids are older I thought, at last, now’s my chance. I found Tony through his website and gave him a call. That was definitely the best decision I made! Tony has been an excellent trainer and has helped me pass part one, part two, and now part three in just four and a half months! I travelled a round trip of 80 miles and it was worth the journey. Tony is patient, friendly and very supportive and I sincerely can’t thank him enough. Now I’ve achieved my goal and I’m starting my exciting new career as an Approved Driving Instructor. Huge thanks Tony!


Need a local driving instructor?
Patient and friendly female driving instructor:


“Thanks Tony.”

Wed, 2013-02-13

Nice testimonial from Ben who passed his part 3 on Monday,

Once again many thanks for your help last week. Here’s a testimonial for you.

3 days before my ADI part 3 I had a terrible mock test with my usual instructor. In desperation I looked for last minute help. 4 hours with Tony the evening prior to my exam taught me so much and made me feel so confident. I passed with a grade 5/4. Needless to say I’ll be Employing Tony to develop my skills further and help with check test preparation. Thanks Tony!

Ben Elliott, Grade A ARDS Racing instructor and now DSA Approved Driving Instructor.


Ben Elliott
[email protected]

“Ben,Passed his Part 3 today.”

Wed, 2013-01-09

Tony I wanted to sincerely thank you for teaching me, so glad I found u, it’s always been a joy to be taught by you. You are brilliant in ur field of work and I can’t thank u enough. Looking forward to part 3. Thank you for all ur support. Saira
“a nice testimonial from Saira who passed part 2 today.”

Wed, 2013-01-02

Big thanks to Tony for all his help and guidance to get me through my 1st check test yesterday with a grade 5. Can confidently say wouldn’t have achieved that without the excellent training and advice. Tone, you are the obi wan to my Luke, many thanks again.

“Jason, check test pass.”

Fri, 2012-11-23

Just a quick message on here to thank Tony for his brilliant training. I spent 6 hours with him then the very next day sat my part 3 and got a 4/4. I am confident if I did my whole part 3 training with Tony I would of at least got a 5/5. Tony was brill he worked out my strenghs and weaknesses and really helped me out! Great guy and great trainer!! Thanks Tony, I will see you when my check test is due.


Tue, 2012-11-20

For my Part 3 training I was fortunate enough to find Tony

     Curran,  a Blaine Walsh-recommended Trainer,  via the

     Blaine Walsh website

  Tony’s many years of experience as an PDI trainer was

    invaluable during my training with him.  He managed an

    effective balance between total focus during sessions, and

    relaxed atmosphere between.  

  I was able to review my recorded performance after each visit,

    back at home  by watching my video-recorded sessions.

  From my basically untrained Part 3 level he helped me raise

    my standard of instruction to a ‘pass’ level


  I achieved my dream pass at Part 3,  in Eastbourne on 25.09.2012 

    nothing can describe the feeling

  I know it was well worth the many miles,  doing the round-trip between

    Seaford, Sussex  and Harpenden, Herts.   I would definitely

    recommend Tony Curran to any PDI who is undertaking his/her

    Part 3 training


George King – ADI

“George King.”

Sun, 2012-10-07

a really nice testimonial from Andy who passed his part 3 on wednesday,
“I have had a passion for becoming a driving instructor for over 20 years, and when I decided to take a leap of faith I contacted Tony via his website having looked at numerous others. Tony responded quickly to my enquiry and guided me on how to get my initial checks and applications done. Once Tony and I had met I told him I
wanted to pass in 3 months so he devised a bespoke package tailored to my specific needs for firstly getting through Part 1 then Parts 2 and 3. With no up front fees and a pay as you go package I could budget far easier too.

I found Tony a joy to work with and be tutored by. His in depth knowledge of instructor training and role playing techniques not only helped me pass Part 1, but also Part

2 first time with no faults. 3 months and 1 week after starting with Tony I passed my Part 3 at Luton first time.

I would not hesitate to recommend Tony to anyone looking for instructor training, or check test mentoring. He is a true gentleman coupled with huge experience and expertise.

Thank You


Andy Clement DSA ADI

Mentor Motoring Driver Training

“Andy Clement.”

Fri, 2012-10-05

Hi Tony,  sorry for the delay getting back to you as you can imagine I’ve been on cloud nine for last few days and only just getting over the disbelief of passing my part 3! Qualifying as an ADI would not have been possible without your help… Just wanted to say a BIG thank u to you for the high standard of training you gave me during the 2 day course. Those dreaded journeys on the M25 from London to you was well worth it! You are highly recommended.




Wed, 2012-09-26

Tony Curran is a fantastic trainer, with the help of Blaine’s great instructional videos, Tony got me through my part 2 and 3 tests first time! He is someone you can really rely on, always there to go above and beyond, in order to get you there! I thought I would just try my part 3, even though it’s tough and i thought there was a good chance it would be good “just for the experience!”. With Tony’s words of wisdom echoing in my head, though the nerves, I was surprised to find I had passed with a 4/5! In the last year and a half of being an Independent ADI I have called upon Tony’s wealth of knowledge and experience numerous times and he has always been there to help! Thank you for all your support mate. You are a diamond!


Sun, 2012-07-01

Shah Khan 11/06/12 I took 5 part 3 test over the last 2 years so today was my last chance to live my dream and become a Driving Instructor, A great big thank you to my trainer Tony Curran, Without you Tony I don’t think I would ever have passed, I am hoping we will keep in touch, I will ring you when I have a date for my check test, Shah Khan ADI. ( so Happy to be able to add ADI next to my name )

I was really struggling because I went on 3pink licences with the company for 2 year and could not pass. When I watch Blaine video and I really like it and than I have hope that these video will help me and I really like them. I thanks to Blaine for that I memories all the PST by Blaine video but I still couldn’t pass. So I ring Blaine and he recommended to me to contact Tony and I did. And with Tony I only take 6 hrs training and I pass on 3rd attempt.

So if anyone struggling you must go to these two people Blaine and Tony

I can’t put in to word how great these two people are in their jobs.

Shah khan

“Shah Khan, PassedPart 3.”

Wed, 2012-06-13

I found Tony through Blaine Walsh’s website (He was recommended by Sabs, who trained and passed with him). I only had two six hour training sessions with him and I felt that I had a real chance of passing. I wished that I had more time to go down to Harpenden and train with him, but I didnt. I had my part 3 today in Belverdere TC in kent and I passed first attempt, grade 4 and 5!! I’m so glad I made the journey down to him. Thanks Tony!!

“Asma Islam”

Mon, 2012-05-14

In 5 months i went from prompted practice to fully independent in instructing and on 19/03/12 I PASSED FIRST TIME!
Im so thrilled because this has been a long journey for me, and many a time I doubted my ability to ever do this. I found Tony very easy to work with, structured and an approach that worked for me.

I would travel a 100 mile trip to train with Tony every Saturday and it was so worth it. I now have qualified and this was a dream that Tony helped become true.

Thanks very much for your support.

“Sabina Chan ADI x”

Mon, 2012-03-19

I would like to thank my trainer Tony Curran for being an excellent trainer and because of him I managed to pass my part 3 test first time. If you are a PDI Tony Curran comes highly recommended by me.


Mon, 2012-01-23

Hi Tony, a big thank you for all your hard work. Tony somehow managed to get me a 4-4 pass at my first attempt. Nothing is too much trouble, and it was definitely worth the journey around the M25 from Essex. Tony is an excellent trainer, and I can only endorse all the previous comments.
Thank you once again for everything Tony, will see you for a coffee soon !!


Thu, 2011-12-22

Tony is an excellent instructor. He has an easy manner but keeps you on track at all times. He has help me pass my part3 first time today at Luton. If anyone is looking for a instructor to help them pass the ADI exams they could not do better the contact Tony. I will certainly recommend Tony to anyone looking for help with their training.
Thanks Tony for all your help, support and encouragement during my training and on the day of my test.

“Barry C”

Fri, 2011-09-16

hi tony sorry it has takin a long time for me to get around to find my way back here and say thanks,
and a big thanks it is i know i was your first pdi from bradleys to take my part 2 and part 3 so i know you were over the moon when i passed part 2 with 2 minor faults ( did not coast once 🙂 ) and then went on to pass my part 3 with 5/5, tony i know i have not used my licence since but i still want to say a great big thank you, great to see names above like tony tillman and mick filby, cheers mate.


Thu, 2011-09-08

hi, i like to firstly agree with all the previous comments posted about tony, and to add my own view as well. i trained for well over a year with another trainer in chelmsford, and dreaded the training sessions, and always came away thinking i just cant do this, and felt my previous trainer knocked my confidence. tony on the other hand spent a lot of time boosting my confidence, and never once made me feel i had performed badly even though i knew i was having a bad day. his method of training is very easy to follow. and if i didnt get it first time we just tried again. having the benefit of being able to see the lesson later on video on the blaine site or utube was invaluble so if you are looking for a trainer ,you are in the right place, and on the road to success, take my word for it , i passed my part 3 on 22nd august 2011, and you could to


Wed, 2011-08-24

I like Tony’s way of training. Really easy, I was struggling with different trainers in Bristol. I thought passing part 3 is impossible for me but Tony gave me not just good training but also lot of confidence. Also I was always worried about my language but Tony appreciate my efforts and I passed my part 3 5/5 in second attempt. After six months for check test I will again going to join Tony for training. Thanks Tony. God Bless You.


Mon, 2011-08-15

Hi i was one of the pdi who was without a trainer when our then boss took ill,just want to say thanks to tony from tc instructor training for getting me through the part 3 first time with a 4/4 i know i could have done better but tony will tell you i don’t take advice very well like dont go to barnet se was a sod but thank you mr curran no news on my check test yet best of luck mate


Wed, 2011-06-29

I started my Driving Instructor Training towards the end of 2009, but due to the untimely illness of the company owner, myself and a number of other trainees were left with the prospect of no training.
Fortunately, Tony stepped in to continue my training and he helped me get through both the part 2 and part 3 tests.
Tony’s tremendous support and encouragement played a vital part in enabling me to complete my training and pass the tests. Tony remains in touch and continues to help and support me during my ADI career.
As a result, I am now working as an ADI for a successful local company.
Tony is a fantastic trainer who really cares about his students and gives them a valuable support network, not just during the training but afterwards too and we now consider Tony to be a very good friend of the family.


Sun, 2011-06-26

I would like to say a big thank you Tony,when we first got together myself and the 8 other trainees were in a bad place, boss of the school taken ill, each of us had paid £2600 and now found we had no trainer,when you agreed to take over our training I know there was very little chance of you ever getting paid and I know you still have not been paid, but going out with you for the first time I noticed your training was nothing like the training I had taken over the previous months, using the Blaine videos was a great help,be able to go home after training and watch the psts we had covered was a great learning tool, Tony you got 8 of us through part 2/3 first time and the last one through part2 first time and part 3 second time,
so I think I can speak for all of them when I say a big thank you, I would also like to thank you for been my business partner and helping me with the Blaine train the trainer course,Tony again from all of us a big thank you,


Mon, 2011-05-23

I passed my Part 3 first time last monday, 16th May 2011 in Luton.
I had been training with a Northern training school but felt I wasn’t getting the comprehensive, detailed training or the support that Blaines site offers.
I joined the site some months ago and as well as watching the videos I met Tony Curran who gave me remedial lessons.
Tony got me through the part 3!
Although I live in West London I was willing to travel to Harpenden to receive some professional, hard training. He is a joy to work with, he finds your weaknesses and works on them.
Tony and I have become good friends, indeed a friend for life.
I highly recommend Tony as a trainer. I just wish I had found Blaine and Tony sooner.
Good luck to you all.

“Shiela Cole ADI”

Sun, 2011-05-22

Hi I had what I believe is called a recovery or rescue training with T C Instructor Training, tony was great, from the very first lesson with him I found out what core comps meant and why i was only getting 2/3 in the last 2 boxes,i was spotting the faults but not doing anything about them sad but that was after spending near on £3000, tony was just great with me at the end of 3 hours of training i knew in my own mind i could get myself a pass on my next part 3 and I did with 5/5, so a big thank you tony and i will make more of a effort to keep in touch.


Sun, 2011-05-22

Its not easy to find a good trainer to get your through the part 3 test, which is why i have decided to travel over 500 miles to train with Tony. It was well worth it, passed my part 3 today! Big thanks for all your help Tony!


Fri, 2011-04-08


hi tony, just wanted to drop you a line, to thank you for all your help and training for my check test today, i know without your help and advise, i would not of passed today, you made it all make sense, and your calm and friendly manner helped to keep me calm, in a situation i would normally find very stressfull, anybody choosing you as there trainer cant fail to do well, i feel fortunate to have found you, and would not hesitate to recommend you anyone else, so thanks again and kind regards,
janice brown adi.
“Jan Brown, passed



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