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I passed my Part 3 first time last monday, 16th May 2011 in Luton.
I had been training with a Northern training school but felt I wasn’t getting the comprehensive, detailed training or the support that Blaines site offers.
I joined the site some months ago and as well as watching the videos I met Tony Curran who gave me remedial lessons.
Tony got me through the part 3!
Although I live in West London I was willing to travel to Harpenden to receive some professional, hard training. He is a joy to work with, he finds your weaknesses and works on them.
Tony and I have become good friends, indeed a friend for life.
I highly recommend Tony as a trainer. I just wish I had found Blaine and Tony sooner.
Good luck to you all.
Sheila Cole ADI

Hi I had what I belive is called a recovery or rescue training with T C Instructor Training, tony was great, from the very first lesson with him I found out what core comps meant and why i was only getting 2/3 in the last 2 boxes,i was spotting the faults but not doing anything about them sad but that was after spending near on ยฃ3000,tony was just great with me at the end of 3 hours of training i knew in my own mind i could get myself a pass on my next part 3 and I did with 5/5, so a big thank you tony and i will make more of a effort to keep in touch, lots of love Kirsty.

I would like to say a big thank you Tony,when we first got together myself and the 8 other trainees were in a bad place, boss of the school taken ill, each of us had paid ยฃ2600 and now found we had no trainer,when you agreed to take over our training I know there was very little chance of you ever getting paid and I know you still have not been paid,
but going out with you for the first time I noticed your training was nothing like the training I had taken over the previous months,
using the Blaine videos was a great help,be able to go home after training and watch the psts we had covered was a great learning tool,
Tony you got 8 of us through part 2/3 first time and the last one through part2 first time and part 3 second time,
so I think I can speak for all of them when I say a big thank you,
I would also like to thank you for been my business partner and helping me with the Blaine train the trainer course,Tony again from all of us a big thank you, regards,Mick

I started my Driving Instructor Training towards the end of 2009, but due to the untimely illness of the company owner, myself and a number of other trainees were left with the prospect of no training.
Fortunately, Tony stepped in to continue my training and he helped me get through both the part 2 and part 3 tests.
Tonyโ€™s tremendous support and encouragement played a vital part in enabling me to complete my training and pass the tests. Tony remains in touch and continues to help and support me during my ADI career.
As a result, I am now working as an ADI for a successful local company.
Tony is a fantastic trainer who really cares about his students and gives them a valuable support network, not just during the training but afterwards too and we now consider Tony to be a very good friend of the family.

Hi i was one of the pdi who was without a trainer when our then boss took ill,just want to say thanks to tony from tc instructor training for getting me through the part 3 first time with a 4/4 i know i could have done better but tony will tell you i dont take advice very well like dont go to barnet se was a sod but thank you mr curran no news on my check test yet best of luck mate jason

Tony Curran is a fantastic trainer, with the help of Blaine’s great instructional videos, Tony got me through my part 2 and 3 tests first time! He is someone you can really rely on, always there to go above and beyond, in order to get you there! I thought I would just try my part 3, even though it’s tough and i thought there was a good chance it would be good “just for the experience!”. With Tony’s words of wisdom echoing in my head, though the nerves, I was surprised to find I had passed with a 4/5! In the last year and a half of being an Independent ADI I have called upon Tony’s wealth of knowledge and experience numerous times and he has always been there to help! Thank you for all your support mate. You are a diamond!


I like Tony’s way of training. Really easy, I was struggling with different trainers in Bristol. I thought passing part 3 is impossible for me but Tony gave me not just good training but also lot of confidence. Also I was always worried about my language but Tony appreciate my efforts and I passed my part 3 5/5 in second attempt. After six months for check test I will again going to join Tony for training. Thanks Tony. God Bless You.

Sagar, that was so nice, it was great spending the day with you, god bless you.

hi, i like to firstly agree with all the previous comments posted about tony, and to add my own view as well. i trained for well over a year with another trainer in chelmsford, and dreaded the training sessions, and always came away thinking i just cant do this, and felt my previous trainer knocked my confidence. tony on the other hand spent a lot of time boosting my confidence, and never once made me feel i had performed badly even though i knew i was having a bad day. his method of training is very easy to follow. and if i didnt get it first time we just tried again. having the benefit of being able to see the lesson later on video on the blaine site or utube was invaluble so if you are looking for a trainer ,you are in the right place, and on the road to success, take my word for it , i passed my part 3 on 22nd august 20011, and you could to

hi tony sorry it has takin a long time for me to get around to find my way back here and say thanks,
and a big thanks it is i know i was your first pdi from bradleys to take my part 2 and part 3 so i know you were over the moon when i passed part 2 with 2 minor faults ( did not coast once ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and then went on to pass my part 3 with 5/5, tony i know i have not used my licence since but i still want to say a great big thank you, great to see names above like tony tillman and mick filby, cheers mate.

Its not easy to find a good trainer to get your through the part 3 test, which is why i have decided to travel over 500 miles to train with Tony. It was well worth it, passed my part 3 today! Big thanks for all your help Tony!

Tony is an excellent instructor. He has an easy manner but keeps you on track at all times. He has help me pass my part3 first time today at Luton. If anyone is looking for a instructor to help them pass the ADI exams they could not do better the contact Tony. I will certainly recommend Tony to anyone looking for help with their training.
Thanks Tony for all your help, support and encouragement during my training and on the day of my test.

Thanks Barry I shall miss your finger on camera well done and enjoy and dont forget I am only down the road, cheers.

Just a quick message on here to thank Tony for his brilliant training. I spent 6 hours with him then the very next day sat my part 3 and got a 4/4. I am confident if I did my whole part 3 training with Tony I would of at least got a 5/5. Tony was brill he worked out my strenghs and weaknesses and really helped me out! Great guy and great trainer!! Thanks Tony, I will see you when my check test is due.

Hi Tony, a big thank you for all your hard work. Tony somehow managed to get me a 4-4 pass at my first attempt. Nothing is too much trouble, and it was definitely worth the journey around the M25 from Essex. Tony is an excellent trainer, and I can only endorse all the previous comments.
Thank you once again for everything Tony, will see you for a coffee soon !!

I would like to thank my trainer Tony Curran for being an excellent trainer and because of him I managed to pass my part 3 test first time. If you are a PDI Tony Curran comes highly reccommended by me.

In 5 months i went from prompted practice to fully independent in instructing and on 19/03/12 I PASSED FIRST TIME!
Im so thrilled because this has been a long journey for me, and many a time I doubted my ability to ever do this. I found Tony very easy to work with, structured and an approach that worked for me.

I would travel a 100 mile trip to train with Tony every Saturday and it was so worth it. I now have qualified and this was a dream that Tony helped become true.

Thanks very much for your support.

Sabina Chan ADI x

Tony Curran has been absolutely brilliant. I was really struggling with my part 3 and at one point i was about to throw the towel in. I then discovered driving instructor tv (Blaine). Blaine suggested i speak to Tony and i am glad i did. Tony made me feel very comfortable and was very supportive. He would be available on the phone at any time ( literally ) some days when i was confused we would be talking at 11pm. I found his teaching techniques very useful and very well structured. 26 hours of training and i qualified as an ADI (passed 4-4) Couldn’t have done this without Tony. Thanks Tony for everything. Would recommend again and again. ๐Ÿ™‚

The above ^^^has been posted by me ( Goulam Freed ). My membership has ended so i asked Tony if i can kindly log in and post my message. Thanks for this and everything Tony. From Goulam Freed ADI ๐Ÿ™‚

I found Tony through Blaine Walsh’s website. (He was recommended by Sabs, who trained and passed with him)
I only had two six hour training sessions with him and I felt that I had a real chance of passing. I wished that I had more time to go down to Harpenden and train with him, but I didnt.
I had my part 3 today in Belverdere TC in kent and I passed first attempt, grade 4 and 5!!
I’m so glad I made the journey down to him.
Thanks Tony!!

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